How to Become a NBA Player



Every serious basketball player dreams of one day reaching the highest level of basketball; the NBA. I dreamed of playing in the NBA and if you're reading this book you probably do to. Neverheless, dreaming of playing in the NBA will not get you there; your work ethic CAN. I say CAN because not everyone is born with the talent to play in the NBA. By talent I mean things like size, length, speed, quickness with size being the emphasis. Almost everyone can greatly improve their speed, quickness or even vertical jump this is not the case with size; it's all genetic.

Now, this does not mean if you are not born with NBA talent you have no chance to make it. I've said it before and I'll say it again hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard. Lack of talent simply means you have to work even harder; the less talent you have the harder you have to work, it's that simple. Steve Nash is the perfect example of this; if half of NBA players worked as hard as Nash he'd be out of the league. And remember if you have talent and work hard; the sky is the limit.

Now do not fool yourself if you seriously want to make the NBA; its going take some VERY HARD WORK. Only 1.2% of division 1 basketball players go on to play in the NBA. Remember that's only div 1 players; if you include div 2 and div 3 players and international players the chances are a lot less. This is in no way meant to discourage anyone; it's to get you working harder because that's the only way to make it without you possess great talent. And I doubt any of you reading this book has great natural talent.

What you probably want to know is how you can maximize your chance to get to the NBA. Well it's a fact that the best way to get to the NBA or simply the next level is to become a shooter. It's that simple, great shooters are needed at every level. No matter your size or athletic ability (aka talent); if you can knock down open shots there's going to be a spot for you at the next level. A shooter may not be what you want to be but understand it's your best chance at ever making the NBA.


Source by John Kirby Ewing

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