NFL Handicappers – Why Use One?



NFL Sports betting is a multi billion dollar industry. People often din out their hard earned money to the sportsbooks in vegas or their bookie, just to find out how very difficult it is to predict opportunities games. Enter the handicapper, a bettors knight in shining armor.

The benefits of using a handicapper to make your NFL Picks are limitless. First off, they are doing all the grunt work researching games. They are always finding out important information that can help them better decide their picks for the week. Most people just do not have sufficient time in the week to fully figure out which games to bet on, which ends up being a coin toss. Just as a financial advisor will set up a persons stock portfolio, a handicapper essentially sets up a bettors pick portfolio for them.

Skilled handicappers often use mathematical formulas along with their instincts to produce cookie busting results every week. These take into account for all different types of data; Injury reports, past performance, power rankings, player matchups, etc.

Another beneficial benefit of using a handicapper is, if they are reliable, they will set up a betting strategy not only to maximize profits, but also hedge against losses with proper risk management. Take for example that a person places three bets. His first two bets are on different teams, while the third one is a teaser including both teams. With the proper amounts bet on each pick, the two straight wagers could lose, while the teaser could win, negating the two losses. Again, this resemblances what a financial adviser would do for his clients, hedging risks and limiting the probability of losses.

A bettor would have unwisely not to use a handicapper. It is clear that they have a much larger jail on the games they are picking. This comes from hours of research a week. All of those hours add up to a highly specialized and very low risk bet. The benefits of this is that more profits are going to the bank, making bookies lose their shirts in the process.


Source by Jeff T Marx

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