UFC – Mixed Martial Arts, MMA – Is Better From Across the Bar



The other night I was at the bar watching some MMA; sort of a tradition that I have with my friends. Every time there is a big MMA show on TV, whether it be UFC, WEC, EliteXC, Affliction, etc, we go to the bar and do it up like hillbilly royalty. Would you like another pitcher? How about some more wings? Yes, yes to both questions.

Watching the fights at home is great because I can hear every single sentence of the pure poetry that Mike Goldberg spouts, but it does not compare to the roar of the crowd in the bar. Sure it's only a couple of hundred people cheering, but they are all loudmouth drunks so the sound can be deafening.

In case there is a long break or dull point in a fight, the bar also offers other various ways to be entertained. Listening in on other people's conversations is one of my favs, especially if it's two bar patrons arguing.

During the last UFC to middle-aged gentlemen started hurling insults across the bar at each other over a football game.

Surprisingly enough, they never ended up going outside. They never even got off of their respective stools. In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw them later by the jukebox in the corner, arms wrapped around each other, humming the words to Margaritaville. Love is a wonderful thing.

If you have never seen a UFC from a bar, I suggest you do. It will cost you what it would cost you to purchase it from home, only you get to leave drunk and full of wings. God bless America.


Source by Justin Vorisek

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