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What do the top NFL rookies plan to do with their first paycheck? From cars to houses to taking care of their parents, here’s a look:

Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen says he plans to save and invest his signing bonus. He thinks it will come in handy when he has a family and kids later on in life. “As far as I know, I’m on the field. I don’t really have much time to do much else. Invest it, save it. When I have a family, maybe send my kids to a good school.” — Josh Weinfuss

Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley said: “That’s easy. I’m going to help my mom get a place to stay and a nice car. That’s the first thing I’m going to do.” His mother, Kassna Daniels, teared up at the Falcons’ facility when Ridley first met the Atlanta media following the draft. — Vaughn McClure

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Tight end Hayden Hurst: “Well, since this is my second [professional] go-around [after baseball], there’s really not much that I need. I knocked that out the first time. I got a car. So nothing really comes to mind – probably just put it all away.” Quarterback Lamar Jackson, on the other hand, is ready to put down roots. His first purchase? “A house in Baltimore,” he said.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen might be a top-10 pick, but there isn’t anything he’s running out to buy after he signs his rookie contract. He wants to save his money. Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, picked No. 16 overall, signed his rookie deal Saturday. He said he hasn’t had time to think about what he will do when his first paycheck arrives, but he wants to give back to his family. He’ll have help, as his brother Terrell also was selected in the first round by the Steelers. — Mike Rodak

Wide receiver D.J. Moore said: “I’m not sure yet. Probably something for my mom, but it’s still in the works. Whatever she wants, she can have.” Moore was raised by his mom, Donna, who goes by “Cookie.” “She doesn’t like going by [Donna], so everybody calls her Cookie. She’s the opposite of me. I’m quieter. She’s got a lot of friends, but that’s not who I am.” — David Newton

Linebacker Roquan Smith, who was picked No. 8 overall, said: “There’s not anything crazy that I would like. I pretty much have a car. … I’m not buying a house so there’s not really anything that I want to buy.” — Jeff Dickerson

Center Billy Price said: “I have a couple of things in mind, but I’m going to keep that to myself until it happens. You don’t want to jinx anything.” — Katherine Terrell

Quarterback Baker Mayfield, who was picked first, said: “I haven’t thought about it. Savings? Yeah, saving is a good call.” The Browns’ other first-rounder, cornerback Denzel Ward said: “I have to do something for my mom. I don’t know what yet. I’ve got to ask her first.” — Pat McManamon

Outside linebacker Leighton Vander Esch said: “I’ve been asked that question probably a hundred times and I have absolutely no clue. I’m going to try and save my money.” — Todd Archer

Pass-rusher Bradley Chubb, picked No. 5 overall, has a no-nonsense work ethic that he credits to his parents — and he showed it again when asked what he planned to do with his first NFL paycheck: “I’m still trying to figure out this playbook, let alone figure out what I’m going to do with some money. My focus right now is just on the football aspect, getting all of this down and hopefully making contributions so that I can earn that paycheck.” — Jeff Legwold

Cornerback Jaire Alexander said: “I’d probably have to say make sure my family’s straight. Make sure they’ve got everything they need. There’s not too much to spend on out here [in Green Bay], so I’ll be saving a lot. Might have to get me a farm or something.” — Rob Demovsky

Safety Justin Reid said: “I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m not even focused on money right now, I’m just focused on playing football.” — Sarah Barshop

Offensive guard Quenton Nelson said: “I’m going to invest that money. If anything comes up I’ll buy it, but I have everything I want in my life without worrying about having to buy anything.” — Mike Wells

Taven Bryan, a defensive tackle, said he really hasn’t thought much about it. “You know, I’m really excited at getting a house. Maybe like renting or something,” he said. “That’ll be cool to have a place to put all my stuff, finally. I think the only thing I’m going to spend money on is, I’m a big gamer. I like gaming on PCs so I’ll have that setup. Maybe like a little study place so I can study film and stuff.” What about purchasing his dream truck or car? “Nah. They kind of depreciate too much so I don’t want one of those,” he said. — Mike DiRocco

Linebacker Breeland Speaks, who was the Chiefs’ top pick in the second round, said: “To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it. My mom said [to] look at a house or look at a car but, right now, I’m just trying to take it all in.” — Adam Teicher

Asked about his first purchase once he signs his rookie contract, Chargers first-round draft pick Derwin James said: “Something for my mom.” That’s understandable, as James credits his mother, Shanita Russell, for keeping him on the right path on his journey to the NFL. “She sacrificed a lot for me to be here,” James said through tears after reading a letter from his mother congratulating him on draft day. “And I’m happy.” — Eric D. Williams

Offensive tackle Joe Noteboom said: “I don’t have a car out here, so I’ll probably get a car or something. I don’t really have a set thing. Probably a car or a truck. Something like that.” — Alden Gonzalez

Cornerback Mike Hughes said: “My dream is to get my mom her house and that’s what I’ll probably end up doing. … Other than getting my mom a new house I plan to save money.” — Courtney Cronin

Offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn, the Pats’ top pick, said: “I’m definitely going to send my mom on vacation for at least a week and stack the rest.” Running back Sony Michel, who was also chosen in the first round, said: “I’m going to put it in the bank.” — Mike Reiss

Defensive end Marcus Davenport said: “The first thing I want to buy? I need to buy my mom a car.” — Mike Triplett

Running back Saquon Barkley, picked No. 2 overall, said: “One of my big goals was to buy my mom a house and I was able to achieve that before I was able to sign my contract. That is a credit to my team, the guys around myself, Roc Nation and the decisions made.” Barkley’s mother and father live in Coplay, Pennsylvania. — Jordan Raanan

Quarterback Sam Darnold, the No. 3 pick, said he hasn’t thought about how he will spend his first check, which will be considerable — with an estimated $20 million signing bonus. The Jets’ second pick, third-round defensive end Nathan Shepherd, will take a conservative approach: “We have to come up with a plan on how to divide it because the tax is no joke.” — Rich Cimini

Offensive tackle Kolton Miller said he might buy a Ford truck because he has always wanted a Ford truck. And now, as the 15th pick of the draft, he can afford a new Ford truck. — Paul Gutierrez

Tight end Dallas Goedert is thinking a little smaller. “First thing I’m gonna buy is a new phone because my cracked iPhone 6 isn’t cutting it anymore,” he said. — Tim McManus

Niners tackle Mike McGlinchey plans to buy a house or a car once he signs his rookie deal. McGlinchey said he’s “pretty basic,” so he doesn’t intend to go with anything too flashy. Most likely purchase? A Ford SUV or a Jeep Grand Cherokee. — Nick Wagoner

Steelers second-round pick James Washington has waited years to restore his high school track, a 1986 Chevy C10. Thanks to a four-year contract worth around $4.5 million, he can do just that. “I’m fixing it up right now. Restoration, new paint job, new motor,” Washington said. “I can do a little something. I’d rather do that then go buy a brand-new Camaro.”

Jeremy Fowler

Defensive tackle Vita Vea said: “I haven’t really thought about that yet. I don’t really know. [I will] probably do something special for my parents.” Right now, Vea is considering buying them a house. They’ve never owned one and at one point when Vea was younger, they were living out of a Motel 6. “I’m still talking to them about it, working everything out. I haven’t really figured something out yet so we’re just going with the flow.” — Jenna Laine

Linebacker Rashaan Evans said: “I haven’t thought about that yet. Right now I’m just thinking about saving. My mom and dad, they could care less if I bought them anything. If I were to get them something, it would be all in my heart and what I want for them to have.” — Cam Wolfe

Nose tackle Da’Ron Payne said: “No I haven’t really thought about anything yet. I’ve just been ready to get out here. … I’ll definitely take care of my parents.” — John Keim

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